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Illustrated dreams
An upside to saying goodbye?
That dirty little two letter word
White space
Swimsuit shopping
Little things 4 – Oh my darling clementine
What do you want?

Illustrated dreams

Are vision boards a thing of the past? Pinterest is really giant vision board playground. Has Pinterest made creating a real live one obsolete? I hope not.

Creating a vision board – and it doesn’t have to be a Read More

An upside to saying goodbye?

What’s the hardest stage of parenting? Ask any mom of a new born, toddler or teen and they’ll likely say, respectively – new born, toddler and teen. In my mind, it’s the letting go.

Letting go at any stage. You have to do it so many times. So. Many. Times.

It starts with the first time you leave your little one with Read More

That dirty little two letter word

Why is it that every toddler on the face of the earth can say ‘no’, but we grownup, smart, savvy women have such a hard time?

Are you baking three chocolate cakes for the community fundraiser on Sunday? Did you agree to pick up Aunt Susan and Uncle Bill to bring them to the family reunion next weekend? They only live an hour away. Read More

Swimsuit shopping

You have the itinerary.  Everything is booked. Fun in the sun is just a few weeks away. You post pictures of your island retreat on the fridge where you will see them every day and be reminded that soon, very soon you will be in paradise. And that just prior to heading off to that paradise you will have to face the nightmare of shopping for a bathing suit.  Very soon you will have to face the florescent lighting, the three way mirror and all that white,  Read More

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