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She blooms
What if…
The real secret love of our lives
The dance with romance
The lady in red
Little things – Thank you

She blooms

I was scrolling through Instagram the other morning and it seemed like every other photo in my feed was of cherry blossoms in full bloom. I don’t know where these people are, but in my home town – nada. Not a single cherry blossom to be found. Even though Read More

What if…

It happens to all of us, often. You know those times when you’re thinking of someone and they call at the same moment or you’re telling a story about someone and they walk up to you at the that very moment. Coincidence? Or happened for a reason?

There’s one particular story from my own life that never ceases to amaze me because of the number of ‘what if’s  Read More

The real secret love of our lives

Mmmm… chocolate.  The fat, the sweet, the cocoa. Yum. In any combination, this triple threat can cause one to swoon. Yes, full on, delightful, lightheaded, heavenly swoons.

What is it about chocolate that drives us to sneak into our sleeping child’s room and filch a handful of their holiday treasure? Read More

Little things – Thank you

The other day I was driving home after a series of intense meetings at a client site. I was downtown in the heart of a neighbourhood with a rather poor reputation and a challenging history. It was mid-afternoon and classes at the neighbourhood school must have just finished because the sidewalks were full Read More

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