Live. Love. Laugh. Life changes. Enjoy it!

That dirty little two letter word
Time to get your groove back
How do I love me?
Is your coop about to be flown?
Zero guilt
Like a fine wine
Outside the box

That dirty little two letter word

Why is it that every toddler on the face of the earth can say ‘no’, but we grownup, smart, savvy women have such a hard time?

Are you baking three chocolate cakes for the community fundraiser on Sunday? Did you agree to pick up Aunt Susan and Uncle Bill to bring them to the family reunion next weekend? They only live an hour away. Read More

Like a fine wine

Friendships get better with age and are gifts to be savored. To have a good friend is to cherish and be cherished, no matter the degrees of separation.  You know this, right? You probably have a dear friend that you go without seeing for months at a time, but when you do get together, it’s like you saw them just Read More

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