The dance with romance

I’m not sure if summer is the right time to be talking about romance especially when it’s too hot to even touch each other… Aw, who am I kidding??! It’s always the right time to talk about romance. Right? Whether it’s dinner under the stars or sipping mulled wine while snuggled in front of the fire at the ski chalet, it’s all romantic. And you love it!

Big or small it’s all fabulous. Whether it’s being whisked off to a secret location for a long weekend or a tiny charm from the fall fair where you won at the ring toss for the first time. It doesn’t matter. In fact, sometimes the smaller the better. How about clearing the snow from your car in the morning before you leave for work or fixing dinner for you when you’ve had to work late, or for no reason at all.  It’s all good.

Why do we love it so much? A romantic gesture makes you feel special, loved, appreciated. It reminds you that the gesture-er cares and has taken the time to think about you and something you might like. That’s pretty amazing. Heartwarming. Just the thought of it makes you smile, no?

Clearly a romantic gesture can take some effort, but it’s not about things. I mean trinkets can be lovely, but a walk, holding hands, through the falling leaves or on the beach at sunset can be just as romantic as dinner at your favourite French bistro. Spending time to cook a meal together, and then delighting in the spoils. Or what about taking an interest in your partner’s passions? How better to demonstrate your appreciation?

I also think it’s a two way street. Men may not classify things as ‘romantic’ but what fella wouldn’t appreciate a nice bottle of whisky and a handful of cigars to share with his friends or a weekend at a cottage with fishing boat, gear and some fresh bait? Or having his truck warmed up and waiting on a bleak, frosty morning.

Can romance save a relationship, who knows? What I do know is that it can’t hurt.

What is romantic for you? What’s the most romantic thing that someone ever did for you? What’s the most romantic thing you did for somebody?


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