How do I love me?

Let me count the ways…

How do I love ME? Well, let’s see, there’s… Um, er, well. And, well, there’s… or… Hmm. Well, so-and-so is always saying how brave/smart/talented I am, but I don’t really think I’m very brave/smart/talented. I mean, I’m just doing what anyone else would do…

Sound familiar? That late night conversation that goes on in your head when you’re trying to give yourself a boost?

Why is it that we have such a hard time saying something nice about ourselves. Or dare I even suggest it? Do something nice for ourselves. Something just for you, without feeling guilty or selfish.

We’re not horrible people. Didn’t you give your spouse/friend/child a long hug after they’d had that horrible day last week? You sat and listened to them rant for an hour, too. And when you mother-in-law need a ride to the golf course which was at least a half an hour out of you way, you said “Yes. Of course. No problem.” Right? You do nice things for just about everybody else but yourself. Why is that?

I know. I know. The experts say it’s fear or perfectionism or something bred into us as girls or holding ourselves to a higher standard or yada, yada, yada.

But, honestly? We’re all grown-ups here (or so others believe) and we can think and do for ourselves just fine. So let’s talk about it. If you were going to do something nice for yourself right now, what would it be? Would you put your headphones on and listen to Bruce Springsteen? Or head out to the playground and swing ’til you touch the sky? Or eat the last piece of chocolate cake? Or sneak up to bed early close the door and read?

So, what’s it gonna be, Girl?

Will you do something nice for yourself today? And tomorrow? And the day after that? We know you can, but will you?

Photo credit: daveynin via / CC BY

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