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Are you you?
Little things – A charming charade
Walk on the sunny side
Spinning your wheel?
White space
That dirty little two letter word
Time to get your groove back

Are you you?

Try as we may, sometimes it’s hard to be content with who we are. Why is it that sometimes we have such a hard time being comfortable with this person we have been our whole lives? It’s like creativity and wonder, we had confidence when Read More

Walk on the sunny side

The frigid temperatures in winter, the heat and humidity of summer, traffic jams, snarky people, dirty dishes piled in the sink. There are so many things that can trigger a black mood faster than you can flip a switch.

What do you do when that dark cloud starts sliding into your consciousness? Do you do everything Read More

Spinning your wheel?

Are you living a very comfortable, nice life, a.k.a. stuck in a rut? Are you pretty much living in the same thing, day in, day out kind of  way? Get up-work-home-walk-the-dog-dinner-tv-bed. I’m sure you are not as fastidious as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, but don’t you ever wonder where that carefree,  Read More

That dirty little two letter word

Why is it that every toddler on the face of the earth can say ‘no’, but we grownup, smart, savvy women have such a hard time?

Are you baking three chocolate cakes for the community fundraiser on Sunday? Did you agree to pick up Aunt Susan and Uncle Bill to bring them to the family reunion next weekend? They only live an hour away. Read More

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