Time to get your groove back

They came back home in the spring with the ducks and the geese. You adjusted your life back from “me” to “mom”. Now your kids are off again, or for the first time, to university and it’s time for Stella to get her groove back. You know what I mean – it’s time to re-channel You B.C. (Before Children).

Sure, you’ll miss them. You’ve spent a significant, significant chunk of your life spent raising them, but there’s so much more to you
than just mom, or at least there used to be. Right? Now’s the time to rediscover your passions, your husband, your friends, you name it. This is the time to focus on you.

Maybe, like we talked about recently, you still love that back-to-school, September new beginning feeling and need get into some serious planning.

Think about the possibilities. What projects have you had on hold that you’re aching to get back to? Or are you game to search out new interests? How about a little side gig to nourish your soul? Have you ever thought about starting a blog or business online? Or travel, what far off destination is calling your name?

Refocusing on you does not mean you’re abandoning your children. You’ve done what you were supposed to do, you’ve grown them up well. They are reasonably well-balanced, independent individuals. You’ll still be Mom. They will always need you (or money or food or clean clothes) and you will always be there for them, just not attached by apron strings.

The time is right. You are too smart, talented, savvy and creative to just be mom. So come on, get in the groove and let’s get the party started!

What’s you’re groove? What have you got going that feeds your soul? Tell us all about it, please. We’re listening.

Photo credit: smile its shan [dailytexanonline.org] via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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