The real secret love of our lives

Mmmm… chocolate.  The fat, the sweet, the cocoa. Yum. In any combination, this triple threat can cause one to swoon. Yes, full on, delightful, lightheaded, heavenly swoons.

What is it about chocolate that drives us to sneak into our sleeping child’s room and filch a handful of their holiday treasure? I know there’s mountains of research out there that talks about the chemical changes and synapses in our brains that are triggered by consuming chocolate. Even as tweeted by Mia Farrow, no less, a study was published that says eating chocolate regularly improves brain function. (That’s one smart study.) But, in reality, chocolate just tastes so good. Isn’t that all that really matters?

And, yes, we, the chocolate lovers, know that there are those who do not do chocolate; people who are allergic or just don’t like it. Johnny Depp, for example, heartthrob and star of many movies, including Chocolat, does not like chocolate. (Isn’t that almost enough to crush your crush on him?) Haters, we acknowledge that you exist; we just don’t understand you and choose not to dwell on it, too much.

Even among chocolate lovers, though, there are minor squabbles over which is better milk or dark. Some like nuts with their chocolate, others think the nuts just take up space where chocolate should be. But I think all agree that Cadbury has gone a step too far with their Marvellous Creations. Adding jelly beans and popping candy to chocolate bars. The nerve!

Now, you and I know we only buy chocolate for the kids, right? Easter, Christmas, Hallowe’en. Religiously, (or not), every holiday you buy and hide the stash until the last moment when you reveal your secret bounty. But your kids are growing up. Soon they’ll be flying the coop. They won’t be there any longer to enable your addiction. And you know chocolate is bad for dogs, so Rufus can’t help you either. What’s your game plan? Will you decide that hubby needs extra treats for the holidays? Or will you own up to your secret and indulge yourself? I encourage you to own up and pander to your addiction. Hubby may not share.

And here’s a scary thought – Do you realize that between May and October there is not a single chocolate infused holiday to be celebrated? Five months bereft of foil-wrapped chocolate novelty treats. Chocolate lovers are well versed in making Hallowe’en treats last until Christmas and chocolate Santas last until Valentine’s. The stock pile of Valentine’s hearts can stretch through until the first foil wrapped eggs appear. Then, Mother’s Day is just a few weeks off.  But through Spring, Summer and well into Fall – nothing. A dearth. One hundred and fifty days during which we are forced to console ourselves with the more mundane, chocolate cakes, cookies and brownies, oh, my. Or immerse ourselves in some choco-lit or perhaps plan a trip to Chocolate World.

We are grateful for the Aztecs who shared their cocoa with Hernando Cortés and for Mssrs. Van Houten, Lindt, Nestlé, Neuhaus and Callebaut at whose hands cocoa was forever changed into our real secret love.

What’s your favourite chocolate treat? Have you ever been caught with your hand in someone else’s chocolate stash? Share your chocolate in the comments below. 😉

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