Little Things – An Unexpected Smile

The other day I pulled into a Home Depot parking lot to get off the road as I sat in on a teleconference. While I was concentrating on the call, a big muscle, pickup truck pulled in opposite me. Big wheels, souped-up, loud, extra rods and rails all around.

Out from behind the wheel came a big guy. Shaved head, well-muscled, tattooed, black glasses, tight, black t-shirt. He couldn’t have had much more of a macho, tough guy vibe about him.

It was a four door truck. Hey strode around to the rear passenger door. I assumed he was going to haul out some big, ol’ power tool. (remember I was in a Home Depot parking lot.) He opened the door, leaned in and popped back out with a tiny little girl all dressed in pink and ribbons and polka dots. Oh, my.

She was maybe two years old, her hair in little pigtails springing up from the top of her head. She clung to Daddy happily wriggling in his arms, bouncing, snuggling, hugging him as far as her little arms could reach around his mass.

What a delightful moment.

You should have seen the grin on my face. (Needless to say I lost a bit of focus on my business call.)

Also, smile worthy is a short video that’s making its way around the internet of a man at his daughter’s ballet recital. His young daughter had a bit of a meltdown shortly after arriving on stage with the rest of her troupe. Dad had been in the wings watching and out he stepped to help his daughter through the routine.

He’s been nicknamed “Dad-erina”.


To all the wonderful Dad’s out there… Thank you. Happy Father’s Day.

There are some lovely, touching stories, tributes and photos around on social media. One photographer, David C. Phillips, I follow on Instagram, captured a particularly charming moment. What a wonderful world.

Have you a favourite Dad story? Or photo? Would you share in the comments below? We’d love to hear.

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