Little things – Hallowe’en delight

One of my favourite Hallowe’en memories happened a few years ago not at home greeting Trick or Treaters, but when traveling around the beautiful Eastern Townships in Quebec. It was in part a weekend getaway, but mostly a chance to visit my son at university. He was playing a rugby game on Friday night, Hallowe’en was on Saturday and we had dinner planned for one night, but the rest of the weekend was mine. And I love the Eastern Townships. If you’ve never been there it is a spectacular hidden gem and well worth a visit.

I headed out for a drive after lunch on Saturday. It was an unplanned meander. I turned south out of Lennoxville and just drove. I let the road take me where it would. Graceful, tree lined, winding roads. Gentle hills and valleys among the ancient, tree covered mountains of the region. It was a grey Fall day, my favourite. The colours were beautiful. It seemed at every turn there was a little village with a silver spired church, a few houses, a couple of stores maybe a family restaurant or a coffee shop. Even the occasional covered bridge. It was spectacular.

It was late afternoon as I drifted down a hill, around a bend and into another tiny town. This time the scene was a little different. The single main street was littered with miniature lions, and tigers and bears, ghouls, fairies, princesses and one little ladybug whose antennae were comically large for his tiny head and bobbled willy-nilly as he bounced around his father.  The young children of the village had come out for Hallowe’en. They zigged and zagged across the street, giggling, laughing, bouncing. Sheer delight.

It was my own miniature carnival bubbling with colour and glee. That was one joyful, unforgettable Kodak moment. Priceless.

What’s something little that brought a smile to your face?  Do you have a favourite Hallowe’en memory? Share your story in the comments below; we’d love to hear.

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  • Aside: That part of the world is my absolute favourite for just driving around aimlessly – the rolling hills, the trees, the deer, the architecture,… My family has rented cottages near there for decades, and I always make a point of just going out and “getting lost” in it, whenever I’m there for a stretch. (Did you know a certain business mentor we have in common hails from that beautiful area?)

    As an adult, Hallowe’en has been a huge celebration of various aspects of me – a chance to express my inner witch or wench or literary character full out. I love to dress up, even to answer the door. Years ago, we had neighbours who always had a party after trick-or-treating – a chance to put some real food into bellies that were too excited beforehand, and a chance for us grown-ups to join in the fun.

    In more recent years, with the last child, my husband has usually been working, and with no one else home to answer the door, I take our offerings “on the road”. Walking around, bumping into friends and neighbours, the celebration has become a street party!

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