Silver lining

Charcoal, graphite, granite, smoke, slate, steel, silver, ash, pewter, salt and pepper, Chicago slush, winter sky. No matter what you call it, they’re all shades of grey. And all beautiful, too, (Well, maybe not Chicago slush.) in silk, wool, linen, paint colours and, even, hair. Yes, I am a huge fan of grey hair, in all its glorious shades. And yes, on women, too. Men can do it, why not us?

Even, especially on women. Grey hair on women is fabulous. I realize some may not agree and it does not suit everyone, but it’s so natural and chic. I often think that women who turned grey relatively young are lucky, because for them, grey is just a colour. Not something to hide or dread, for years.

Grey hair is empowering. It’s powerful. It says I am who I am. Think Miranda Priestly. Grey hair is spectacular. Think Emmy Lou Harris or Jamie Lee Curtis. All women who rock those greys. There’s even a trend among younger women to dye their hair grey. Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie, Kylie Jenner, have all dipped their tresses into shades of grey.

Sure you’re the mother of teens, but a gorgeous head of grey hair isn’t aging. It’s a rite of passage. Like laugh lines, every one earned through the ages living this wonderful life. It doesn’t mean you’re not sexy; it just means you’re not twenty-five.

If you are one who has been dying your locks since there were too many strands of grey to pull out, prepare yourself, there is no short cut for returning to the natural side. (However, a short cut will speed the process.) It takes time and effort, creative styling and a lot of patience to let it all grow out, but so worth it in the end. A fashionable hat collection could come in handy, too.

Need another incentive? How about this – next time you feel like you don’t have any time for yourself, think about those two or three hours you’ll have free every month you don’t go to see your colourist. And you’ll have the money to treat yourself to something special, too. Won’t that be deliciously decadent?

So what would it take for you to go ‘au naturel’? Or have you taken the plunge already? Share your story in the comments below. We really want to hear.

Photo by Natasha Brazil on Unsplash

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  • I would consider au natural, but only the front half of my head hair is grey. Afraid I’d look like a skunk!

  • I don’t colour my hair, but it is not a nice silver, or grey. It is a non-descript blah. But I’m good with that.

  • I went grey early and have always covered it. This summer I am starting the process to be natural. First is 2 hours in the chair for 50% highlights and lowlights. One month later repeat. After that it will be some lowlights every 6 weeks for about a year. Then done. I don’t want to cut my hair short to hasten the process. I am feeling a bit iffy about it but I figure if I don’t like it I can always colour it again.

      • I did it and it looks great. I can’t believe I waited so long. Turns out the hair dresser was so good at matching the colour that only 1 visit was needed. No More Roots!! Yeah.

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