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I’ll admit it I miss the “back-to-school” rush. Buying school supplies, new sneakers, backpacks, lunch kits, all of it. Well, maybe not all the forms that needed to be filled out and each and every one seemed to ask for the same information, again and again.

I realize September means the end of summer and that’s an issue for some, but for me September is a new beginning of sorts. Well, it feels like a new beginning. The beautiful lazy days of summer are behind us. The muddle of vacations, camps, wacky summer job schedules and fighting for computer access are behind us, too. Solid routines waiting in the wings to be discharged. Time to start fresh. A time to review and refresh, take stock if you will, of the goals we set in the New Year. We have eight months of experience in the basket and now it’s time to regroup.

I have another admission to make. A huge part of what I love so much about the prospect of this opportunity to take stock and is the re-planning that is likely to be needed and… of course, the new planner that goes with. I love planners. Paper planners, monthly, weekly, page per day, a week on two pages, spiral binder or leather bound, desk size, purse size or something in between. Oh, my.

I definitely use my computer and smartphone calendars, but they are for appointments, events and that sort of finite, defined thing. The paper planner is an extension of you. Between its covers you dream, you identify goals and you layout your roadmap to achieve. You can release your creative self in the margins and blank spaces. You note things that have passed, celebrations, things accomplished. By the end of the year, your journal is a work of art. Your life documented. A joy to look back on.

Maybe this passion harks back to the “back-to-school” mindset that is ingrained in us, and if so, all the better. We can relive those fleeting moments of our youth we were excited by the prospect of seeing our friends and advancing a grade. Polish those apples, get those pencils sharpened and I’ll see you in September.

What do you say? Are you excited by the prospect of September planning? What do you look for in a paper planner? Or do you go electronic only?

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  • Maybe it’s because I have only boys, but none of my kids ever let me get into a real geek-out over new school supplies. Thanks to being in business for myself, it’s the perfect excuse to now browse the stationer’s for just the right agenda and notebooks, not to mention the perfect pen to use in multiple colours.

    Last year, I found a delicious little black purse-sized Moleskin book. With online calendars, though, I didn’t use it as much as I usually have in the past. …something to rectify, refit into my routine.

    • Ah, yes, boys will be boys. Love your use of “delicious”! What a perfect descriptor. And, oh yes, the perfect pen is a must. Enjoy!

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