What’s this cosmetic counter thing?

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when department stores or drug stores force you to walk through the cosmetics area to get into the store?? All you want is socks or detergent and you’re confronted by sales clerks threatening to spray you with any number of toxic concoctions. Okay, well, maybe not toxic, but close.

The counters are laid out to herd us through the displays of cosmetics. It feels like you have to walk a mile just to emerge from the cosmetics section. It’s probably a financially driven tactic, profit or margin related, but surely they realize we have more brains than that. Do they really think we’ll get distracted by all the pretty colours? Do they assume that we’ll abandon our original mission, dive in, coming out with a basketful of new eyeshadows, lipsticks and perfume? Oh, my!

What about you? Are you tempted? Or are you annoyed by the intrusion? Leave a comment below.

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