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I stumbled upon a woman on Instagram who had recently dropped her youngest off at college and was now packing for a weekend getaway with her hubby. I thought, “You go, Girl!” I mean really, isn’t this the perfect time? The kids are on their own, living their own lives. This is your time. Why not head off with your main man? Or make it a ladies weekend. It’s all good. It can be something wild and exotic or really low key, it doesn’t matter. Getting away for a weekend is bound to make you shine.

Besides, who doesn’t love a road trip? Just get in the car, point it in a reasonable direction and start driving. That’s part of the fun of a weekender – no planning necessary, or very little. Somewhere along the way there’s bound to be a fabulous country inn or a quaint B&B. Or even a Holiday Inn. For a night or two, who cares? Just go with it. Expand your horizons.

Experiencing something or someplace new can recharge your batteries. By stepping out of the ordinary you are exposing yourself to fresh experiences. Unplug. Turn off the cell phone. Open yourself up to the possibilities. Maybe you’ll discover something you had no idea you loved.

Think about this, too. A weekend away with your sweetie can be an amazing time to reconnect. No distractions. Everyone’s more relaxed when you get out of the day-to-day grind. A weekend away is a perfect time to share these lovely new experiences together. A couple of days exploring small towns or a big city, antiquing, art galleries, fine dining or fabulous diners, just you and your main squeeze, or curled up in front of a fire reading, what could be better?

One of my guilty pleasures is climbing into a gorgeous, huge, high, hotel bed, with a mountain of pillows, cool, fresh sheets and a luxurious duvet. If there’s a chocolate on the pillow, that’s lovely. But the best is that not a single, fluff, fold, crease, snap, pat, smooth or plump was done by me. Heaven.

Need more inspiration? Check this site out and park the pooch with friends for a few days, channel your inner Frank Sinatra, pack a small bag and come fly away!

Where will you go next weekend? What’s your favourite weekend getaway? Share your stories in the comments below. We want to hear. Enjoy!

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  • Two friends ‘kidnapped’ me and took me to an undisclosed location for a restorative vacation. It was fabulous. Where did we go? Toronto, where we all live. But we walked about as tourists and saw everything from a different perspective. Great fun.

  • I look forward to this luxurious idea with bated breath. Having started over after a 12 year break (new man, new kid), our current extra-curricular adventures still include a 3rd party, and some sort of kid-friendly activity. One day…

    As Elizabeth points out, you don’t need to venture far from home for beauty, novelty and fun.

  • A great idea! I was up in Lion’s Head last week, for a few days. The summer rush was over, the weather still warm. Went to Tobermory, and found myself in a shop that seemed more 1970s than 2016. The shop was selling off the entire stock of trinkets, jewellery, and clothing. Found a perfect jacket to wear indoors over turtleneck sweaters this coming winter.

    Yes, Rhubarb, a great idea to take time away. Clear the cobwebs. Embrace a new chapter.

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