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You have the itinerary.  Everything is booked. Fun in the sun is just a few weeks away. You post pictures of your island retreat on the fridge where you will see them every day and be reminded that soon, very soon you will be in paradise. And that just prior to heading off to that paradise you will have to face the nightmare of shopping for a bathing suit.  Very soon you will have to face the florescent lighting, the three way mirror and all that white, fish under belly flesh daring you to try on another swimsuit.  How do we ever make it through?  Why is it that something as ordinary as buying a bathing suit can make us so uncomfortable, insecure and just plain miserable?

Several brilliant and considerate companies offer online shopping, you can choose from Beach Bliss to Lands’ End and everything in between. Check this list out on BuzzFeed: 21 Totally Underrated Places To Shop For Bathing Suits Online. At least then you can go through the gruesome task in the privacy of your own home.

There’s lots of advice on how to cope available online, too. Plan ahead – exfoliate and use a self-tanning gel before the dreaded day; don’t look in the mirror – just try it on, if it fits go with it; buy a great cover up; exercise; don’t do it – wear last year’s suit. Here are some useful tips from Bustle.

Why is bathing suit shopping such a terrible experience for so many? Is it for you? What do you do to make buying a bathing suit less scary? Share your secrets. Please.

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