Planning a winter getaway?

It happens every year.  We know it’s coming, well, us northern folk do anyway.  Yet, every year we seem surprised when it actually hits.  And right now it’s just days away… maybe several, but still only days.  Snow, snow and more snow.  Then of course there’s the shoveling.  Lots and lots of shoveling.  There are some gluttons among us who actually enjoy winter. The  warm, woolly socks types.  Scarves wrapped up to here and sweaters pulled down to there.  They tromp through the snow without a care in the world, wondering only where they should stop for their next cup of hot chocolate.

But, then there are those who whine and moan about the cold and the snow and the shoveling. They can talk of little else, in between their moaning and complaining, but the fabulous winter getaway they have booked. The fruity drinks they’ll be sipping under an umbrella by the pool in just a matter of weeks. A blissful escape.

But do not misjudge the snow-lovers for they, too, enjoy a winter getaway. They however dream of getting away to a different winter, one filled with snow covered mountains and chair lifts and hot buttered rum. A blissful escape.

When winter hits, where do you fall? Do you dream of a sun filled week somewhere hot and sandy?  Are you scheming to sneak off with someone special and cruise off into that tropical sunset?  Or do you actually enjoy the snow and are hoping to head to the mountains this winter?  Or maybe just stay home curled up before the fire with the phone turned off and a good book?

What’s your winter survival plan?   Share your thoughts.  We’d love to hear…

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